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Solar Farm

The Solar Farm produces clean and renewable energy through photovoltaic panels installed in a large area.
With up to 20% savings, it is available in the monthly subscription model for your home, apartment, or business, and there is no need for investment. In 2020 we connected the Solar Farm in the city of Manaus, Amazonas. Amazon Parque Solar was the first company to launch this model in Amazonas.

How does a Solar Farm work?

Brazil’s electricity sector has recently taken on a larger component of solar energy. However, there are many ways to produce the solar power produced in this way. One such method is Fazenda Solar, or solar farming.

What is a Solar Farm?

A solar farm is a vast field, or array, of photovoltaic solar cells. Together, these collections of solar panels collect enough energy to power small towns in their entirety. The size of the solar farm is the only limit. Using solar farms is a crucial step in the furthering of solar power as a renewable energy source, allowing individuals who may not be able to afford their own solar setup to tap into one the same way they would a usual fossil-fuel-powered electricity grid.

Larger than such individual setups, solar farms are nonetheless still not so large as solar plants. They instead occupy a middle ground, allowing for democratization of resources on a smaller scale than the sort of monolithic centralization of energy resources that can occur on larger scales.

How do they work?

PV (photovoltaic) panels are placed together on a solar farm just as they would be on the roof or lawn of a house. These panels are irradiated by the sun, and the power they generate is then transmitted into the power distribution grid. The grid delivers the power to any buildings, such as homes or offices, connected to it. This is no different than the way the energy you already consume gets to you.

What are the advantages?

Besides democratization and decentralization of energy resources, solar farms also often save you money on your energy bill. Energy is provided directly by the sun, with no additional cost added, allowing providers the ability to consider energy not consumed as converted to energy credits, which are discounted from your bill.

AmazonParqueSolar, a Brazilian solar farm company, has made it our mission to provide solar energy throughout Brazil. We already have solar farms in a number of towns and cities, making us one of the nation’s fastest-growing power distributors.

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